Artist Bio

robert KotanColor Pencil Specialist from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Please inquire about personal commission items and thank you for looking! James Robert Kotan found his muse at an early age. His love of the automobile was nurtured first by his father’s profession as an automobile salesman in the1940’s and continued with his brother Andrew’s first muscle car. Mr Kotan’s familial connections to the automobile have developed into a deep, perceptive appreciation of the beauty and detail of the automobile. This appreciation is evident in his intricate designs and illustrations. Mr Kotan’s specialty is Automotive Art. Robert’s automobile-related artwork covers a wide range of subjects, including Classics, Racing, Muscle, and Hotrods. Talented, and initially without formal training, Robert followed his muse and began drawing his favorite automobiles. To hone his craft, Robert enrolled in the Graphic Design and Advertising program at Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. After receiving his diploma, Robert chose to focus on illustration. Robert’s talent for illustration and especially his passion for the automobile are immediately evident in his artwork. Robert has developed a unique style that captures the complex detail and inherent beauty in each of his subjects. Robert Kotan showcases his artwork through various automobile events and shows throughout Canada and the United States. In addition to individual car collectors from around the globe, large corporations, such as Steele Rubber Products Inc., and LG ELECTRIC INC., have commissioned him to create exclusive illustrations. Robert Kotan’s Limited Edition Collection depicts a personally selected subject, which pays homage to many of the key historical automobiles and drivers of the 20th century.