I offer freelance custom car design services, from consultation to pre-production renderings.  I design emblems, bodywork, interiors, graphics and more.  


Billed at $30/hr

  • illustration
  • consultation
  • marker layouts
  • graphics/logos
  • exterior paint scheme mockups
  • interior mockups
  • concept illustrations


As a hot rod design consultant, I work with the car builder to come up with a final image that represents the builders vision.  Car builders can choose options for their rendering, which depend on the level of detail needed for your project. After you and I have finalized your design through consultation and sketching ($30/hour design fee applies while we work on this together), I am able to render this design as either an inked line drawing, basic rendering, a rough rendering, or a detailed rendering, whichever you choose. See below for more detail on each. 



$30/hr per view
This service includes basic sketching of your vehicle or idea.  Sketches are done in pencil with no shading added.  Sketching time varies with every project and the level of sketching you are looking for.


All renderings begin as a sketch.  Renderings are billed at a rate of $30/hr to sketch out the vehicle plus an additional flat fee to render the sketch.  This fee varies depending on what level of rendering suits your needs.

Ink Line Drawing
$50 per view plus $30/hr  for the initial sketch


Average turnaround:  36 hrs
These line drawings are completed using marker lines only on top of a pencil sketch.  Dark lines clean up the sketch and add shadows and contrast. 
Graphic representations of the vehicle design in black and white done on a 12″x 16″ size layout with digital presentations available.    Average sketching costs are 1-4 hours per view.   

Basic Rendering
$75 per view plus $30/hr for the initial sketch


Average turnaround:  1-3 days
These single view sketches are done with limited shading using markers and pencils only with a quick turnaround time.  These are meant to be q
uick representations of the vehicle design and color produced on a 12″x 16″ size layout with digital presentations available. Recommended for those unsure of a paint color choice.  Average sketching costs are 1-4 hours per view.  

Rough Rendering
$125 per view plus $30/hr for the initial sketch


 Average turnaround: 3-5 days
These are accurate depictions of desired paint colors that offer more detail than basic renderings with a quick turnaround time. 
These drawings (12″x 16″) are built using markers, pencils, and chalks with digital presentations available.  Recommended for those who have made a final decision on a paint color.  Average sketching costs are 1-4 hours per view.  

Detailed Rendering
$250 per view plus $30/hr for the initial sketch  


 Average turnaround:  7-10 days
These are created in full detail with photo-realistic quality.  They carry more detail than rough renderings with cleaner lines, accurate shadows, accurate chrome reflections, and precise details.  
Final renderings (12″x 16″) Includes original drawing and digital copies.  Average sketching costs are 1-4 hours per view.  This is great tool for presenting any custom vehicle by reflecting true paint color, ride height, and wheel size.

Layouts with Multiple Views


Multiple views are available on a single layout.  You are able to choose the view of the vehicles, background or emblem, and graphic layout.  Choose to use different vehicles or four views of the same with the option of adding a background.  

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