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Dog Eye View


The dog eye view is basically viewing the vehicle from a dog’s eye level.

Standard View


The standard view is the typical angle you see the car from a standing position.

Ariel Views


The ariel view is typically higher than the average view, showing the roof of the car.

Do you draw anything other than cars?
I draw anything within the transportation field.  This would include trains, planes, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and tractors.  Heck, I’d draw your nephew’s tricycle if you asked me.  Basically, if it transports something from point A to point B, I’d draw it!
How long does it take to have my car drawn?
These final prismacolor pencil renderings currently take about 6-8 days to complete.  Rough renderings take an average of 1-3 days.  Marker sketches and line drawings are usually done in under 36 hours.  I have clients approve all sketches before moving on to color.  Waiting on approval can sometimes lengthen turnaround times.  I try to accommodate everyone’s needs, and understand that businesses often need renderings quickly.  Please contact me to find out current availability and time frames.
What do you use to draw with?
After the car drawing is sketched in pencil, I use markers, colored pencils, , and white paint to create the final rendering, depending on the level of rendering that is being purchased.
Can you do two different cars on the same paper as one drawing?  Does it cost the same?
I can draw two different cars on the same drawing layout at no extra cost.  I can also draw your car’s interior and exterior view on the same drawing for a wonderful show layout.  Renderings are charged by how many views you want, the style of rendering (i.e. marker sketch, rough rendering or final prismacolor pencil rendering)  and the size you want them. 
What types of photos do you need to start drawing?
Images aren’t always necessary.  If the client knows what wheels will be mounted on the car, just listing the style name and manufacturer of the wheel is enough to go on.  Generally, a digital image is best.  Digital images are able to be sent easily over the internet and can be rather large.  I prefer digital images to be greater than 800×800 pixels.  Regular 3×5 inch photos tend to leave out too much detail needed for reference.  However, any photo reference helps.
Once I get my car drawing, does it require any special care?
No long term care is needed.  All drawings are protected with a clear matt spray fixative .  It is best to frame your car drawing immediately upon arrival.  Once protected behind a frame, they are completely safe.  All car illustrations and renderings are created on acid free paper.    It’s best to keep these drawings behind glass.  I’ve had renderings in my unheated garage for over 10 years and they still look like I just finished them.
I plan on doing a lot of metal work on my project car that is currently stripped off of the frame.  Can you make the drawing how I envision, without the car being together?
Yes.  As a professional freelance car designer, I often work with builders who have specific ideas in mind for different sections of the car, but can only communicate verbally.  I can draw specific wheel sizes, stances, chop amounts, and other heavy alterations.

You may want me to draw your car in action (especially as a gift idea).  I can make the vehicle look like it’s doing a sitting burnout, or lifting off of the ground at the start of a drag race  It’s completely up to you!