Illustration as a Gift

Hot Rod Car Art & Illustrations as Gifts  

Hot rod artwork makes a great gift for the car guy!  Get an original custom car drawing of your own muscle car, hot rod, classic, sports car, or bike the way you want it.  I offer a variety of options on drawing any type of vehicle including adding full backgrounds, badges, and text.  These personalized automotive illustrations are professionally done by hand with extreme attention to detail and are truly “photo-realistic”.  I use archival quality Canson paper and chalks rubbed by hand to create shading, along with a combination of Prismacolor colored pencils and markers, for a car illustration that looks as real as possible. These drawings are a lot like automotive portraits.  Whether you are looking for artwork for your garage or for displaying at car shows, or a unique gift for the best man or groomsman of a wedding, Father’s Day gift, or any holiday gift,  I offer full-detailed drawings for the automotive enthusiast.


How it Works: 
You choose the views of the car you want drawn, the color of the paper, type of background, and the emblem you want.  Then just let me know if you want any special effects added, like tire smoke or mud splashes.  All car illustrations will be custom made to fit your needs and everything is up to you!  I can draw your car at any angle and include details such as the vehicle in action.  I offer single view and double view car renderings and draw all types of vehicles including any car, truck, big rigs, boats, show rods, motorcycles, and unfinished vehicles. See options here:

Vehicle with Badge & Text


single view illustration with no background
one view of vehicle

Vehicle with Background


single view illustration with full background
one view of your vehicle
background of your choice

Vehicle in Two Views with Text 


two view illustration with no background
one  view of
your vehicle
background of your choice


*This is available only as a larger size to allow for room for both views and maximum detail.
*Choose to have two views of one vehicle, or two different vehicles.

Sketching fee may apply at a rate of $30 per hour, depending on if you require changes from the photo reference that you provide. For instance, if you would like me to draw a car as shown in the photograph provided, there typically is no additional sketching fee. However, if you are requesting lots of alterations to the vehicle such as different wheels or body panels, etc, or cannot provide the view requested from a single photo reference (such as providing several photos yet requesting a different view that is pictured in any of them), then this is considered design work and I must charge a fee for my time and research that goes into putting together this type of rendering.


When choosing paper colors, you can’t go wrong with neutral colors such as grey or even steel blue.
I offer white paper, but I don’t recommend it for full detail, finished illustrations. because the chalk I use stains easily, especially on white paper.
Light and vibrant colors work best with dark or black vehicles.
Canson art paper color chart